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VIDA Statement Clutch - Feathers by VIDA JqR1xuuU
VIDA Statement Clutch - Feathers by VIDA
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; Date: September 2, 2017

Tags: Node.JS » Electron

What about using jQuery/Bootstrap to design an Electron app? It's easy to get started, right? You just load the jQuery and Bootstrap JavaScript libraries in that order. The process is well documented on the Bootstrap website, and since Electron is a web browser the same technique should work. But -- you get an inscrutible error that jQuery needs to be loaded. Which is odd because the HTML does indeed load jQuery, and in the Developer tools you can inspect the loaded files and see that jQuery is loaded. WTF?

The most useful way to load jQuery and Bootstrap in Electron is to install the npm modules and directly use the files in the respective dist directories. That way you're not dependent on a 3rd party service, and are instead in control of your destiny.

In your Electron app project directory install the required modules as so:

As of this writing Bootstrap 4 has been released as a Beta, and therefore we can install it using that tag. With Bootstrap v4 they've introduced Popper, which must be installed this way.

Let's now inspect what we've installed:

Therefore, you can add this to your HTML file(s) in your Electron app.

That's a straight translation of the HTML snippets in the Bootstrap installation instructions into the conditions we have in the Electron app. BTW, if you want to use the minified versions of these libraries, modify the paths to include .min.js to reference the minified files.

Start the application and you'll see this in the JavaScript console:

What's up? Again, you can see clearly that jQuery is loaded first, and you can see clearly in the developer tools that the jQuery module was indeed loaded first.

The issue is clear once you view the source code. The jQuery library starts with this:

The code is a little obtuse. The effect is that if jQuery is executing in a Node.js/CommonJS environment it does not create a global jQuery object. While Electron is a Chrome browser, it also has Node.js support including the module and module.exports objects, and the require function, and so forth. Therefore when executed under Electron, jQuery runs the first branch and does not add itself to the global object, and instead exports itself via module.exports .

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Saturday , , June 30, 2018 / 16 , Shawwal , 1439
World > Europe
96 days ago
People console each other outside the Saint Etienne Church in Trebes in southwest France, after a service of remembrance to victims on Sunday, two days after a man carried out an attack in which four people were killed. — AFP

TREBES , France — Mourners packed a church in a rural French town rocked by a deadly terror attack for a Sunday service in tribute to the victims, who included a policeman hailed as a hero for offering himself in place of a hostage.Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, 44, was shot and stabbed after taking the place of a woman whom Radouane Lakdim had been using as a human shield during his attack on Friday at a supermarket in the town of Trebes.The sleepy town of 5,000, located on the picturesque Canal du Midi, is just eight kilometers from the famed medieval walled city of Carcassone, where a silent march is planned next Saturday, the eve of Easter Day.The bishop of Carcassonne and Narbonne celebrated the mass in Trebes’ Church of Saint-Etienne to honor the four killed and three wounded in the attacks claimed by Daesh (the so-called IS).“We want this to stop,” said Jean-Pierre Bordeaux, who came with his wife Henriette from the nearby village of Capendu to attend the remembrance mass. “We aren’t safe from anything anywhere.”Parish priest Philippe Guitart warned against blaming Muslims in general for terror attacks. “We must... help people to learn to live together,” he said.Representatives from the Muslim community attended the mass, which had an overflow crowd listening to the service through loudspeakers outside the small church as armed police stood by.“We have had a long friendship with them,” Bishop Alain Planet said. “They are very aware of this sadness, which affects them as well.”People laid bouquets of white roses outside the town hall in Trebes, with one message reading, “Stop the violence, stop, stop”.A national tribute will be held at a later date for Beltrame, who President Emmanuel Macron said had “died a hero” and deserved “the respect and admiration of the whole nation”.Beltrame’s brother Cedric said the policeman would have known all too well the risk he was taking. “He certainly knew he didn’t stand a chance,” he said. “He gave his life for another.”Following the worst terror attack of his presidency, Macron has called a meeting later this week of the security services who monitor individuals suspected of radicalization.Lakdim, 25, a petty criminal, was on a watchlist, but authorities had concluded the Moroccan-born French national did not pose a threat.Investigators found notes referring to Daesh at Lakdim’s home in Carcassonne, a legal source said, including a hand-written letter in which he claimed allegiance to the terror group.Lakdim, who was armed with a gun, knife and homemade explosive devices according to a security source, was shot dead as police moved in to end his siege of the Super U supermarket where he had holed up after a shooting spree in Carcassonne.World leaders paid homage to the slain officer, with British Prime Minister Theresa May tweeting that his “sacrifice and courage will never be forgotten”, while US President Donald Trump denounced the “horrible attack”.The shootings come as France, part of the US-led coalition fighting Daesh remains on high alert following a string of deadly attacks that have killed more than 240 people since 2015. Lakdim fit a familiar profile as a petty criminal who had turned to extremism.A small-time drug-dealer, his rap sheet included convictions for carrying a banned weapon and for drug use. He spent a month in jail in 2016.His girlfriend and a 17-year-old friend were in custody. — AFP

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Beet-a-ganoush Dip Recipe

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know of my never ending love for Hummus. What you may not know is I’m also a huge baba ganoush fan. What can I say, I was brought up in the Middle East and both dips were a big part of my diet and so have a very special place in my heart! Luckily as well as being delicious they also happen to be super healthy, high in fibre, nutrients and good fats!

I don’t eatbaba ganoush as much as I would like to since it’s slightly more time consuming when compared tohummus (which I literally eat on the daily!), and when I do make it, it’s gone within a day or two. I just seem to inhale the stuff! I try to eat as many greens as possible and usually leave them bland and just add a huge tablespoon or two of hummus or baba ganoush on top. That’s my excuse for eating so much!

Something else that I’m really into at the moment is beetroot. I usuallyeat it raw by grating it into salads and it adds so much flavour and the most beautiful vibrant colour to dishes.

I’ve teamed up with Love Beetroot and Dan Doherty to recreate this Beet-a-ganoush dip (love the play on words there!) as part of theirDon’t Skip a Beet campaign. It’sall about encouraging us to use and experiment with cooked beetroot in our cooking as a fuss free way to introduce powerful antioxidants into our diets. As soon as I saw this Beet-a-ganoush recipe I instantly knew I HAD to try it. How could I not?

Not only is this dip delicious and versatile(try it on a pizza instead of tomato sauce!), it also has the most beautiful and vibrant colour! Perfect way to get in some extra vegetables, nutrients and antioxidants.

Beet-a-ganoush Dip Recipe

To serve:


Head over to Love Beetroot’s website for more delicious and antioxidant packed purple recipes!

This post was commissioned by Love Beetroot, however; all opinions are my own.

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This is the prettiest dip I’ve ever seen :). I’m loving that color. I too eat hummus regularly and don’t eat baba ganoush nearly enough. But I love beets so I’ll have to try your spin on it!

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Apopka FL
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
The Apopka Voice
Community How will Election 2018 shape the county, state and nation? Let’s Talk...
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Episode 36

This Monday on LET’S TALK ABOUT IT with Rod Love and Greg Jackson, with less than 65 days until the Primary Election, the “Dynamic Duo” will start highlighting the various races and the importance of each. Also, with the President changing his stance in separating families seeking to enter the U.S. illegally, Rod and Greg will note how this compares to prior administrations and if it makes a difference.
Also, now the U.S. Supreme Court has made a historic ruling to protect privacy that you will want to hear about. And, to close out the show there will be an update on the upcoming 3rd Annual Spirit of Florida Gospel Festival, taking place in Apopka on October 20, 2018, will be provided.
Join Rod Love, Greg Jackson and the entire Let’s Talk Nation on LET’S TALK ABOUT IT, every Monday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm on 1680am WOKB, online at , on Facebook @letstalkaboutitlive or call-in to 407-894-1680. LET’S TALK ABOUT IT is Central Florida’s leading results-oriented radio talk show … This is a can’t miss show that will blow your mind!

Let’s Talk About It , with Rod Love and co-host Greg Jackson, now on its 24th episode, is an edgy new radio program that has a distinct “Apopka” tone.

Rod Love

Hosts Rod Love and Greg Jackson are well-known figures in Apopka. Love is a local businessman, was the co-chair of the Apopka Task Force against Violence, and was recently named the Orange County District 2 Commissioner. Jackson is a local attorney that ran for the Florida Legislature in 2016 for District 45, which includes a part of Apopka.

The show airs on WOKB 1680AM on Mondays from 7-8 PM. You may also stream it online here.

Let’s Talk About It describes itself as a show in search of results-oriented solutions. It tackles important subjects such as crime in urban communities, jobs, business growth, relationship with the police, transitioning from a mom and pop proprietorship to mom and pop incorporation and a whole lot of other action initiatives that affect the quality of life of individuals and families are the major focus. Its goal is to develop an understanding of the everyday needs and issues of people and assist in empowering them with the necessary information or motivation towards addressing such needs, all with the support of professionals or experts who will be the show’s guests.